Local Hyperthermia
Regional hyperthermia
Local Hyperthermia
Regional hyperthermia
Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy
A unique, first and one of it's
kind in the Philippines, a true
HEALTH spa, operating latest
technology , focusing on health
and well being. We have a
wonderful,intimate stand-alone
facility, fully air conditioned. We
are the most comprehensive
Hyperthermia facility anywhere.
We offer the most variety of
Hospital grade Hyperthermia
devices, of most every frequency
. 2 Microwave-range, 2 Short
wave range, MM wave, Local and
whole body Infrared therapy,
Powerful soft laser therapy,
Pulsed Electromagnetic field
therapy (180W output!), Biocell
Electrotherapy, Ion Detox
therapy, as well as Ozone
therapy. We combine few
frequencies in every day of
treatment course, in order to
ensure we do not produce tumor
resistance. We use no more than
one nurse per two patients ratio,
in order to ensure both quality
and safety of the treatments. We
produce results which are far
superior to anything medicine has
to offer. Please look at our
World-renown Filipino nurse care.
Cancer reduced-or your
money back, GUARANTEE