It is well proven modality , and a medical journal of Hyperthermia is published for more than 30 years.
Our bodies are design to resist and control pathogens through elevated body temperature, called “fever”.Once our healthy
immune systems recognize undesirable pathogenic invasion, it reacts with fever. This causes both pathogenic cell breakdown,
and high performing NK cells (“killer cells”) to efficiently break pathogens down. Cancer cells are abnormal cells, invaded by
foreign DNA, called “viruses”. I would not go into the various theories and biological processes involved, just describe the
process produced by the therapy.
A cancer cell, within a tumor, would not survive temperature above 42.5 Celcius. because of

This name is used in describing a wide range of therapies, including ablations, whole body fever-like level of heat ,regional and
local procedures. Unfortunately, due to various reasons and ulterior motives, there are large numbers of websites which are not
accurately describing the treatments and all it's aspects.

Not all beneficial /curative effect of Hyperthermia are purely thermal - dependent. Low intensity, none-thermal treatments
have been proven effective with brain malignancies for the last 25 years, for example . In China, studies have found that
low-output 915MHz produced complete response with bone metastasis in prostate cancer patients in more than 80% of patient,
and partial response in the rest of them. Small devices, incapable of reaching thermal therapeutic levels are successful
nevertheless. In Europe and the Middle East they treat more than 120,000 treatments a year with 13.56MHz devices which are
just 150W output power, thus incapable of reaching thermal Hyperthermia-level. Still, the results are very impressive. Such a
case is the Oncologist Dr. Joseph Brenner of Israel, who treated his metastatic stage 4 Prostate cancer with such a
low-intensity Short wave device (Oncotherm EHT2000)
with total response.

We use the widest variety of Hyperthermia frequencies anywhere. (Please check it out for yourself).
We use both 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz, 915MHz and 2450MHz devices, for local and regional treatments, as well as whole body
Infrared devices, which are used to improve heart condition, blood vessels elasticity, immune system modulation, detoxification
, weight loss program and chronic depression. It is very effective with our cancer patients. With details about biological
mechanisms at work, please -e-mail us for research material, so we shall forward it.

Cancer cells,when heated, need increased oxygen, since metabolism rate is increasing. This demand can not be properly met
because of limited blood flow. This causes it to go into hypoxia, which causes anaerobic metabolic, resulting in lactic acid
buildup. Acidity and high temperature causes breakdown of cell membrane. This is one of the effects of thermal stress on
cancer tumors, caused by Hyperthermia.

The very rare side effect which such treatments might produce is local “blister”. This is superficial, and heals quickly. It
occurs when these patient fail to inform us of discomfort .

Electro- Hyperthermia is extremely safe. It does not produce Ionizing radiation (“radioactivity”). It emits no toxic emissions
, Nor does it cause side effect. In extremely rare cases, a local skin blister may occur, (when patients do not alert us to
uncomfortable heat sensation) and it is no different from heat blister caused by touching hot frying pan. It heals quickly.

We recommend all our clients to seek the advice of Dr. Homer Lim, in Manila, regarding their medical condition, and the
benefits of our treatments with their specific condition. Dr. Lim is a Gerontologist, a field which covers all degenerative
diseases. Dr. Lim practices integrative approach in Medicine, and specializes in treating Cancer patients, with impressive

Dr. Homer Lim may offer complementing therapies, such as IV therapies, Ozone therapy, Chelation therapy or prescription
drug therapies when needed.