Please note, unlike most websites you may come across, our cases are all genuine. We have the files and patients to verify it.
We encourage patients to share their experience with our treatments, and contact those who dealt with similar medical
challenge, to get a personal perspective.
However, our main challenge here is the issue of respecting the privacy of our clients. Exposing personal health information is
morally unacceptable. So we shall just tell the story of this treatment, without full ID .We have treated public figures, whom
naturally wish to keep their identity secret, so we have to respect their wishes.
We hope you understand our inhibitions in that regard. We shall be adding and updating this page periodically. We also publish
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*Our treatments protocol are all time consuming and dose dependent. We experience amazingly effective results with patients,
providing they follow treatments protocol. We strongly discourage people from taking our treatments “just to try it”. This is not
a restaurant. “a taste” is tasteless. It will give no indication of the efficacy of treatments. Only in pain control issues one can
experience very quick results, usually within less than a week. Chronic conditions take years to develop, and weeks to heal. The
cases whereby clients have not followed treatment course for whatever reason,are naturally not counted as “treated”.
Please note, we do not invest in advertisement. Our patient count is growing fast, due to personal referrals by happy clients, and
physicians referring their patients, friends and family members. Unlike
Medical service, we treat the body holistically, not just suppressing specific symptoms. Our service is none-invasive, none toxic,
and carries no risk. In case we get the impression the client needs immediate medical advice, we ask that they consult their
family physician ASAP. Most physicians are not knowledgeable with such treatment methods, thus they are unable to advice
about it in good faith. In some cases, health professionals find themselves in a conflict of interest with treatments which
produce no extra source of income for them. In this case, they may advice their patients strictly upon their financial, not purely
medical interest. Please beware of this while consulting about our services with professionals who are not really familiar with our
Videos- on line - Nasopharingeal - Lung cancer - Diabetes - gallblader
M.R, , female, late 50's, diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer,
came to us after Oncologists told her there is nothing they can do for
her. Low body weight, low heart rate, having chronic heart disease for
many years, the oncologists could not offer her Chemotherapy. Dr.
Homer Lim treated her with IV high dose vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid,
and few other elements, while we used regional Hyperthermia,
combining Short Wave, 915MHz Microwave, Pulsed Electromagnetic
Field therapy and Whole Body Hyperthermia. After intensive one
month treatment, and two treatments per week for two more weeks,
she went home. For over two years now, she presents no signs of
malignancy. Her body weight normalized, and she just takes herbal
A patient (local politician, thus I refrain from providing ID clue), was sent
for emergency inversion of IJ line for emergency dialysis. She could not
walk by herself due to extreme edema in all extremities. Various other
issues, such as liver, pancreas, low hemoglobin were diagnosed as well. She
refused to go through dialysis. We treated her daily. Within just six
days, her edema disappeared (a gradual process). All functions normalized,
six months later, she is busy working, not having the time to even come
for maintenance treatment.
The view @ the back of the spa
M.B, Female, came to us after being released
from hospital, having received 4 units of blood
transfused,very pale, holding a bag of blooded
urin from the catheter. Constant bleeding,
both vaginal and urinary (which forced the
insertion of a catheter). Stage 4 Cervical
cancer, with tumor having invaded the bladder,
and an orange size mass in the abdominal
cavity, felt through the skin. She failed
Chemotherapy and radiation,having gone
through brachytherapy. After having two day
treatment, bleeding stopped. She went to the
hospital for IV antibiotics, for her bladder
infection, caused by long term catheterization.
When she came back, we treated daily. After
a week, the fetus-size tumor came out
vaginally. We kept treating, her hemoglobin
level went up, no metabolic signs of malignancy
were detected. Her abdominal mass hardened
(calcification), and seems inactive. She went
home to Manila. No signs of cancer so far.
Mr. P.P , 66,, was brought to us by his daughter, who
is a physician. She said she recognized that medicine
could not help him. He was diagnosed with chronic liver
disease. jaundice, weak, had , pancreas, kidneys and
prostate issues, insomnia, endocrine deficiencies and low
immunity. We have treated him for three weeks, using
Hyperthermia, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy,
Biocell, whole body Infrared and Ionic detox , where he
improved quickly, regain proper sleep, strengthen, regain
complexion and felt healthy again. He comes for
maintenance treatment every two weeks, and is in great
shape now.
Sunset @ the spa-over the Cordilliera Mountains
Mrs. M.V, 72, was diagnosed with lung cancer
back in 2006. She opted to have no treatment.
This mass had grown, and by the end of 2013,
symptoms became severe, with pain levels that
would not allow sleep. She came to us, saying
“I do not mind dying, but I can not take the
pain”. We treated her for two and a half
weeks, pain disappeared, and hemoglobin levels
normalized. About ten months later, she came
to us, with painful bulging right neck, along
the whole side. We sent her to the ENT
surgeon. He concluded she has a nasopharyngeal
carcinoma, with both nasal cavity tumor, and
right neck lymphatic large tumor. We treated
her daily. Within 15 days, the visible tumor
disappeared. Since then, we just do
maintenance treatments (Whole body infrared,
local MM wave, Biocell) twice a month. No sign
of recurrence.
Mr. A. L. Jr, 54, a busy senior university professor,and
government ministry advisor was previously diagnosed with breast
cancer, have had radical mastectomy done, after which he was
diagnosed with stage 4 breast CA, with extensive bone
metastasis, on both shoulders and the spinal column. He
suffered excruciating pain, and became bed ridden, unable to
drive the distances his jobs required. Anemic and weak when he
came to us.We treated him over a month period, where pain had
receded rapidly, hemoglobin normalized, and he felt and looked
stronger. He went to Manila, to have a bone scan. It was found
that his both shoulders were clear of tumors, and a small tumor
was left in the spinal column (which gives him little discomfort
at times).He went on to consult with Dr. Homer Lim, and went
back to full schedule work, driving long distances, and working
many hours a day. He pops in for occasional treatment when his
busy schedule allows, But otherwise maintains normal healthy

These are mere "samples" of our experiences. We have many such success stories, in our
relatively short, but very busy operating time here at the province. If you wish to find out
weather you or a loved one can be benefiting from our treatments, please do not hesitate to
contact us
N.B, Female, late 30's, was
hospitalized with severe pelvic pain and
constant heavy vaginal bleeding, causing
anemia. She was given blood
transfusions, and imaging showed a
large 9cm Ovarian mass. She was
offered surgery followed by
chemotherapy. She refused this
treatment. We treated her strictly
with Hyperthermia and detoxification.
Her bleeding stopped the second day.
Her pain was subsiding quickly, and was
totally gone by the fifth day. After
two weeks of intensive treatments, we
treated her twice a week for three
more weeks. In the ultrasound
following, it showed the mass had
shrunk from 9 CM long, to 2CM, while
all symptoms disappeared. Six months
later, no symptoms occur, and she
takes no supplements
Mr. R.C, 48, diagnosed with stage 4 nasopharyngeal cancer, with
large masses on both right and left lymph nodes , right nostril was
blocked by tumor, sense of smell was lost, visible hardship is
breathing and swallowing. Mr. Crus opted for Radiation, and
Hyperthermia, other than Chemotherapy. After his first round of
radiation, he came to us, where there was no change in tumor size
felt. After we started Hyperthermia, Mr. Cruz was complaining of
extensive nose discharge, occuring in the blocked nostril, with blood
spots. We explained this was tumor breakdown. After just four days
of Hyperthermia, Mr. Cruz went to Manila, to have a CT scan. He
called to inform us that half the tumor was gone. He had another
round of radiation, after which he came back to us. We treated him
for another five days. His visible tumors (on the neck) were
dissolving quickly. After this course, he went back to Manila, and
had another CT scan. This time he was told there is no visible tumor
left. Mr. Cruz proceeded to a long tour in the US, and few months
after returning, had further examination by the oncologist. He
informed us that nothing was found, and he was asked to come back
next year.
Mr. M.V, 72, suffered from mild stroke,
and severe BPH. This drained him quickly,
having to wake up up to seven times a night
for urination. We have treated the prostate
with short waves, and strengthen the body
with biocell, whole body infrared, and pulsed
electromagnetic field therapy, plus Ion Detox
sessions. Within one week, frequent urination
ended. All neurological symptoms related to
the mild stroke have disapeared within the
next ten days of further treatments. He is
now having occasional maintenance
treatments, and no recurrent symptoms have
been reported.