Our Hyperthermia treatments are holistic, yet science based,
physical,advanced technologies , other than JUST biological
(pharmaceutical..) .The principals behind Bio-resonance were established
back in 1925, by two scientists , Dr. G. Lachovsky, in France, and Dr. R.Rife, in
the US. Various devices were developed by hundreds of scientists and
physicians since, and many thousends of clinical research
projects.“Hyperthermia” is the known terms used for it. Unfortunately, it is only
partially descriptive of the treatments, since most of it's effect is not thermally
dependent. SOME of it is thermal. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical industry ,
fearing competition, suppressed these devices by various tactics. The most
prevalent is smear campaign, claiming it is risky or useless, or both, with NO
evidence to these claims. These technologies were proven both effective and
absolutely safe, in many countries, where they were adopted.
We use a combination of 10 treatment devices-type, not just one or two, as they
do in Europe, for example. NO toxic medications, no invasive procedure, no pain
either. Implementing known (but unfortunately rarely used..because it is labor
intensive, and not profitable) technology,
Creation of fever in the body is the natural response to pathogens invasion. EVERY
cancer tumor has viruses within the cell structure. Heat , as well as specific
frequencies, cause breakdown of such cells, as well as production of Heat Shock
Proteins by cancer cells, making them visible to the body's immune system . Heat
within tumor structure causes few other effects..it increase oxygenation, thus
decreasing hypoxia (the cause of aggressive and fast cancer growth, and Cachexia,
muscles breakdown ), producess higher activity, and higher production of such
immune cells, and increases secretion of Interleukins and interferons, essential
elements in the body's breakdown of malignant structures.
Regional and local hyperthermia are designed to treat local inflammatory conditions or tumor. It is
directed at a relatively small area. In the case of cancer tumor, it's effect is naturally selective, since
the tumor has very limited ability to increase blood flow, due to lack of flow regulating system in the
form of smooth muscles, as natural blood vessels have. This causes higher temperature buildup
within cancer tumor, which in term damage the cell's membrane, and breaks down the cell. Before
reaching this level of heat, at 40C to 41C, the cancer cell is affected by high metabolic stress, due
to high demand for oxygen. Lack of natural efficient blood vessels prevent stable oxygen supply, and
causes anaerobic metabolism, which in turn produces lactic acid in the cell . Buildup of lactic acid
in the tumor help damage further the cells membrane. Higher fluid within the tumor means the
density of it is greater than surrounding tissue. High density causes more heat buildup when radiated
by electromagnetic field.
This physical phenomenon is behind the thermal therapeutic success of Hyperthermia treatments.

However, Hyperthermia is not strictly thermal. It causes powerful effects even when power output is
low, and no thermal buildup is measurable. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is one such case,
but low- output Radio-frequency too. Similar effect are seen with the use of Millimeter waves, and
laser devices. We have cancer patients who feel local pain when radiated with MM waves or laser,
which are relatively low intensity treatments, while high intensity treatment cause no pain with them.
This treatment is also increasing enzymes activity within the tumor, which is damaging cancer cells,
and improving oxygenation, which in turn sensitizes tumors to Ionized radiation treatment, thus
making it more effective, while enabling lower irradiation levels, sparing surrounding tissues.
Just as various sound frequencies can shatter different types of crystal and glass, shattering
microscopic organisms is possible because they have many similar properties of liquid crystals.

Whole body hyperthermia, done with Far Infrared domed device, radiating the body with invisible
thermal energy that is vital to all living things. This energy invigorates cellular activities and studies
in eastern societies have shown that it can significantly improve blood circulation by a physical
phenomenon called 'resonance'. FIR energy is known to improve circulation, metabolism, relieve
pain, detoxify, burn calories, fortify the immune system, and amongst a host of other effects in
improving general wellness and help prevent cancer metastasis. Alongside Biocell, these treatments
produce very efficient therapy for systemic inflammatory conditions, and gentle immunomodulating
effect, which prevents from unwanted vigorous stimulation of the immune systems that can triger
auto immune diseases or even immune storm, which can be a life threatening condition.
Pharmaceutical products designed to produce similar effect are potentially risky, and can in some
cases endanger the life of the patients, thus we recommend to try the risk free option first.