The Ion Detoxification process is an electrolysis procedure. As such, it uses an anode, and a cathode. The negative cathode is the “array” which is in
the water, while the positive anode is the body itself, which is connected to the unit via a “bracelet”. It will produce Hydrogen gas bubbles as a
result. The treatment is done in a well ventilated, semi-open space at our spa, so there is no issue with foul odour felt.When current passes through
the body, it has a number of physiological effects on it. It releases heavy metal molecules in the body, and allows it to travel, and some end up
leaving the body through skin pours. This treatment is long, and takes a minimum of 14 sessions (called one course..) As this diagram, from a study
done in Toronto with this treatment shows, the amount released is small, but accumulative effect will produce satisfactory results. This treatment
produces other effects, through the flow of current, it improves blood viscosity, reduces blood glucose levels, and as urinalysis tests demonstrated,
reduces urine acidity too. Another method for detoxification is chealation therapy. This is done through a series of IV infusion, containing EDTA. If
you are interested in this therapy, please contact Dr. Homer Lim. (Details in the “contact” page).