The concept behind this device is well known in science for decades. Detecting electromagnetic pulses is quite a simple task in
modern day technology. There are many devices used for geophysics studies, such as superconducting quantum interference
devices. In the former Soviet Union (As as well as in Germany), scientists set up to develop a similar type of devices ,for
detecting and measuring signals pertaining to biological processes. Some are very well known, such as ECG and EEG devices,
which measure specific organ/region in the body.
The challenge was not the detection of electromagnetic signals, but rather the deciphering of it, determining what it means
with specific human metabolic processes and what measurements we can produce off of it . The process of development took
many years since. By now, we have such devices which are compact, use the powerful computation of current generation of
computers, and produce rather impressive results. Professionals who bothered to invest the time to practice with these devices
find it extremely useful in analyzing metabolic functions of the human body, and detecting chronic conditions which otherwise
may elude health professionals until late stage disease is symptomatic, and treatment options are limited or none existing. It
reaches high accuracy rate, some claim as high as 85%, for a very low cost.
Unfortunately, mainstream medical practice has not yet adopted it (few physicians use it outside Eastern Europe and China).
Those who use it, and compare results of device indicators versus imaging/blood chemistry/urinalysis are always pleasantly
surprised by the accuracy and detection ability of this device.
We use this device to both analyze the health issues prior to treatment, and to have a base line measurement from where to
measure the success of treatment during and after treatment course. Physicians and Dentist clients have all been both
surprised and impressed with the accuracy of our detection service with these devices. We charge one-time 400 pesos for
service, and re-testing is free.

* Unfortunately, some marketers of fake “medications” and supplements use such devices in order to persuade unsuspecting
clients to purchase their products. This type of use is “off label”, so to speak. It is done improperly, and is not beneficial to
the client. Please “test” our service, and see the difference for yourself